Shenzhen certain intelligence science and technology limited company, is a provider of networking application quality services to the entire flow of technology type weak current Intelligent Company for the enterprise information construction. Companies with weak intelligence to provide professional design for the main business, operating system integration, monitoring systems, access control systems, network engineering, computer room construction etc.. We take the network service and security engineering construction, repair and maintenance as the center, let the technology change life. The company's business involves the enterprise informationization, intelligent building aspects. The company by virtue of skilled service, excellent technology, professional image, good after-sales service to win the trust of enterpris... 【more】
Infrared gun type camera
Infrared gun type camera

The main characteristics of - adopts high performance SONY CCD - 540 TVL high resolution, color, black and white 600TVL, image is clear, delicate - low illuminance, color 0。1Lux @ (F1。2。。。

500万彩票手机app下载Digital hard disk video recorder

Product type: Hikvision third generation network hard disk video recorder, DVR, DVS integrated machine. Video compression standard: H.264. Video processing chip processor: DSP. Typical ...

Day and night type integrated camera

The main characteristics of - adopts high performance SONY CCD 352X (total 22 times optical zoom and 16 times digital zoom) High - resolution, 540 TVL, image is clear, delicate - lo...


Polycom VoiceStation 300 is a small telephone meeting the ideal choice, especially suitable for desktop, office and small meeting rooms。 Microphone identify voice range can reach 7 feet, VoiceStati。。。

SoundStation 2W

Now, there is a cordless telephone conference, one of its important functions is to let you free and any part of the meeting partner calls -- even in the absence of a telephone line in the room can...

HDX 6000 HD video conference system

Simple, powerful, economical and practical conference room telepresence solutions The outstanding characteristics To reduce the operation cost, make the communication between various depart。。。

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